A keyboard from the BuzzFeed office. : funny

A keyboard from the BuzzFeed office. : funny

I totally agree with what your saying but you have mixed up the two parts of BuzzFeed. ‘Buzzfeed News’ puts out some very well researched and factual articles and that are actually really well done.

The part everyone hates me included is the crap they put out like ‘most satisfying gifs’ or these ‘these Disney Princesses are the best’. Often this crap is awefull quality and a lot of it is just stuff they have seen elsewhere and copied. You can often tell they have gone to top of all time on a subreddit and made a listicle out of it. When people joke they are taking the piss out of this low quality effort articles which unfortunately is what you see the most when is comes to BuzzFeed produced content. We all laugh about it because it’s funny.

The downside is is garners such a negative reputation for BuzzFeed that a lot of their quality content is ignored.

To conclude, you’re right, BuzzFeed makes great stuff, but they also make a lot of aweful shit. So everyone is right.

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