A Local Shop Just Posted This Guy! : ATBGE

A Local Shop Just Posted This Guy! : ATBGE

Would you wear this as a tshirt, or at the very least consider it awful taste if someone else did? Or are you only judging this awful taste because it’s a tattoo and, as the internet commonly believes, permanent? Because if it’s the latter, you may as well extrapolate your opinion to all tattoos that don’t meet your arbitrary sense of decorum. Refer to Rule #7: “Just because it is a tattoo does not mean it is awful taste.” If it’s truly in awful taste, the concept is independent of the medium. In this case, however, I’m going to assume you are asserting this is bad taste because it’s a tattoo. Or go ahead and read the sticky regarding tattoos and this sub.

It’s a stupid tattoo, to be sure. But it’s not even in the same ballpark as a Princess Peach S&M or a LOLocaust tattoo.

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