A Relic from an ancient time. : gaming

A Relic from an ancient time. : gaming

Man, quality of these posts are coming down. First its “I found this in my granpas attic” to “found this gem at a yard sale”

Now we are just posting cosplays and reminiscing pictures of controllers. Hell, I can show you my Apple II from the donation I got from school if thats what you want to see.

Maybe we could separate the posts a bit. Give r/gamenostalgia some love. There is no gaming in these posts, just relics of an ancient time.

This is nothing against OP. I certainly said to myself “oh wow. Haven’t seen that in awhile” and remembered I had one sitting in my basement. But its not gaming. Its an unused DVD remote. Not unless you beat Dark Souls 3 with it.

Im certainly no creative type. I dont know how to improve on the subreddit. But I definitely know what I don’t like where its heading.

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