Amish man launches “Uber” ride service with his horse and buggy : nottheonion

Amish man launches

At least where I am the Amish get around a lot of their restrictions by having things in other people’s names, but they’re also not allowed to pay for tech either…

So you have Amish workshops with power tools that are fed from the neighbors. They don’t pay their neighbors for it, but they gift them lots of canned goods and hand made furniture instead.

They don’t have cell phones… They just carry around a friend’s cell with them all the time, and make sure they get all the fresh veggies they’ll ever need.

It’s a weird system, but hey, whatever works…

Im pretty close with two Amish families nearby, and they are the hardest working, most down to earth, awesome people I know! I only wonder why they can’t use their friend’s/neighbor’s deodorant…

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