And he was never seen again : instant_regret

And he was never seen again : instant_regret

I was hiking in the middle of the woods one day and out of seemingly nowhere a barefoot toddler came squealing up behind me. I turned and for a moment wondered if it was real because the kid just stoped and silently watched me – like a scene from the shining or something. Before I could figure out what to do the kid took off running again, except he was running down a trail that had a sign saying “TRAIL CLOSED, UNSAFE. DO NOT ENTER” so I yelled at the kid “hey kid! Where are ya going?! Stay here for a minute!”

I didn’t move closer or anything, just didn’t want the kid to run off into a dangerous trail.

Well apparently he had a mom that eventually caught up, she seemed offended and worried that I, a stranger, was trying to lure her child…she asked “What’s happening?!” I said “your kids running off into a closed and dangerous trail…” and I went on my way.

Moral of the story, parents get weirdly defensive and accusatory when a young male tries to help their kid. I get it, there are predators out there…so unless I think the kid is 100% in imminent danger I really don’t get involved anymore.

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