Anon is a Satanist : greentext

Anon is a Satanist : greentext

The small town I grew up in would occasionally have outbreaks of ‘Satanism’ or ‘devil worship’, complete with animal sacrifice and graffiti and such, and it was always surprising to everyone because it was such a religiously homogeneous area. I wouldn’t be surprised if my family were the only atheists in the entire county. It’s not like there was some Satanist community where kids were going off the rails and doing these things.

It was always hushed up afterward (which had the locals gossiping even more), but on several occasions it was the children of local clergy or exceptionally religious people essentially just acting out. One time in particular it was the son of one of the pastors in town and some kids he had recruited. He told me that he knew all about Satanism from his dad (the pastor) and he had decided he was going to be a Satanist and do ‘magic and curses and stuff’ to ‘make God really angry’.

I had been to his house a number of times, and he had about the saddest, most strictly regulated existence I had ever seen to that point. He wasn’t allowed to sleep with his hands under the blankets because he might touch his pecker, and his sheets were all black, which I later learned was to make jizz stains more obvious. The only books he was allowed were religious texts and books about war, guns, or hunting. His sisters were only allowed to wear dresses, including their hunting outfits, and they were strictly forbidden from playing with the boys. Lots of stuff like that. All kinds of stuff to save him from the temptations of sin. Last I heard he was doing a stretch in prison for cooking meth, and he had more white power tattoos than he had teeth.

Essentially, he went off the rails and decided that he was going to strike back at his dad by becoming an evil Satan worshiper, and the only things he knew about being a Satan worshiper was what his dad told him, which was pure fantasy. From what I saw pretty much all of the devil worshipers had similar backstories. The funny part was how the locals attributed this to the ‘real’ Satanists going after the kids of the most upstanding Christian folks. Nobody had ever seen an actual adult Satanist in person, but they all seemed sure they must be sneaking around teaching these kids bad stuff, because otherwise where could they be learning it? Meanwhile the parents would go on at length about what devil worshipers are like and what they do right in front of the kids.

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