As a thank you from Sweden, I drew every European firefighter, firetruck, plane, and helicopter sent to help Sweden, in World of Pixels. 194 firefighters, 56 firetrucks, 5 planes, and 12 helicopters. A big thanks to all countries who are helping us fight the fires! : europe

Not quite, this is the actual article that establishes the EU civil protection mechanism basis: http://www.lisbon-treaty.org/wcm/the-lisbon-treaty/treaty-on-the-functioning-of-the-european-union-and-comments/part-3-union-policies-and-internal-actions/title-xxiii-civil-protection/483-article-196.html

As you can probably infer by it, this is solely voluntary and recommended by the EC, and not enforceable on national laws and regulations. So any EU country can refuse to assist another member, and the same is true for many regulations set at the EU level but not transitioned to national regulations/laws.

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