Aww rottie loves his human so much : rarepuppers

Aww rottie loves his human so much : rarepuppers

They can be hard to train. They are so dang hard headed, but so smart, sweet and loyal to a fault. You have to have time to take them walking and room for some zoomies because they love to go all over when they aren’t busy being household speed bumps.

They are protective towards their families/human and most, if not all, love having a good cuddle session and snore the house down! Best dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around and raising. I miss my babes so much.

Also, be prepared to baby proof cause they eat like they haven’t eaten in a year and will get into any cabinets they think have food in them

Edit: be prepared to also be smashed by cuddles by a 100lbs+ lap pup

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