Because vaccines cause pregnancy : facepalm

Because vaccines cause pregnancy : facepalm

My brother has our mother bamboozled into believing that he pops positive for drug screens because of medication false-positives. So far he’s popped false-positive for marijuana and meth – each time it cost him his job. Each time he claims it’s his medication.

He even claimed he had a reaction between cleaning products and his medication, causing him to mouth off to a high-ranking boss. Yep, fired anyway.

So far every time he’s been fired it’s been because of those pesky medication false-positives and drug interactions. Mom just eats it up, because she can’t believe her baby boy could ever take illegal drugs or mouth off (even though he did both regularly when we were kids).

If I got pregnant in high school I’d probably claim it was a side effect from a medication too. I know my Mom would buy that shit no problem.

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