Bernie Sanders Calls Saudi Arabia’s Response To Canada ‘Outrageous’. He called Canada’s criticisms “entirely legitimate.” : canada

Bernie Sanders Calls Saudi Arabia's Response To Canada 'Outrageous'. He called Canada's criticisms

The issue is that currently we have so much going on domestically that we’re putting our energies into protesting that if we tried to shout at everything we didn’t like, then we wouldn’t have enough hours in the day.

People have been protesting outside the White House nonstop for a while. Large-scale protests have been ongoing since the 2016 election for a variety reasons all over the country.

There are most definitely people voicing their opinions about Canada/SA right now, and I’ve seen a few petitions supporting Canada in this as well.

We’re also gearing up for some of the most important elections our country might have, which are coming up in 85 days from today. We’re all working different fronts trying to do what we can.

But the fact remains, that protests (even the extremely large-scale ones we’ve had since Trump took office) haven’t swayed this administration’s policies so far, so it’s unlikely to sway them to sound off against SA. You have to remember that the government (even before Trump) pretty much knew SA was behind 9/11 (our most defining event of the new millennium) and kept quiet about it.

The best way we can actually help you guys is by making sure the Republicans no longer control Congress. If we can manage to do that before the Supreme Court position is filled (I don’t know if that’s possible tbh), then even better. But it’s so contentious right now, and it seems people are becoming outrage fatigued that the chances are slowing.

There’s just so much going on with such a grand scale that I haven’t even mentioned the laws and policies of our administration that are affecting natural disaster and emergency aid funding for things like the CA wildfires, the stupid new allowances of asbestos back into construction materials, the constant smear campaigns and propaganda pushed by both foreign and domestic powers, the fight for net neutrality that we’re losing because a man bought by a telecom giant decided to lie and cheat his way to a decision, healthcare and other rising costs affecting our ability to take time off to actually go out and protest on the streets, and so much more.

We will rise above all of this. It’s what America does, but I’m sure you can see why it seems like we’re not shouting loud enough for you guys at the moment. (We’re not, but we’ve only got so much voice). Give us a little bit of time. We’ll beat the baddies with you at our side like always.

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