BIG boy getting better : Eyebleach

BIG boy getting better : Eyebleach

Poverty, depression, lack of resources, healthy food being expensive. I had a student who was obese in fourth grade. Her mom had died and her dad couldn’t afford to get her into counseling and they both overate to cope. He was also on disability and the mom had been the one working and had the kid on her health insurance. Took almost a year before the state approved her for Medicaid so not only did she not have access to counseling, she didn’t have access to a GP. Not that it’s easy to find a GP that takes Medicaid and new patients.

Kid got free lunch at school but at home lived on junk food because that’s all they could afford. Dad was very loving, showed up to all her events, was in constant contact with me to make sure she was doing well, volunteered at the school, helped wherever he could, would email me when she needed help with homework he didn’t understand (common core), really the ideal parent from a teacher’s perspective. He just couldn’t afford better food. He got her to play softball, but she couldn’t do other sports because of the money involved and her obesity hindered her ability to do other things like basketball or soccer. Doing sports was out of reach for a while anyway because that town requires kids have health insurance in order to play.

ITT: people who’ve never been poor enough to understand how hard it is to eat healthy in poverty.

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