Card not accepted : funny

Card not accepted : funny

We’re still behind. Our credit cards don’t do PINs so it’s chip and signature. Basically insert card, wait, then out spits some paper and you sign.

Now there’s some that don’t require a signature (or PIN) and card issuers are now saying you don’t need to sign for any transaction, but most places still want you to.

At first it looked like it would be chip and pin but card issuers put the nix on that because they were concerned the customers couldn’t remember more than on PIN (our debit cards use PINs).

Yes, basically, the TL;DR version is, the banks feel Americans are too stupid to remember more than one PIN.

It really sucks when you go to any other country, put in a credit card and the cashier has to find a pen for you to sign, or has no idea what to do, or worse, can’t get gas because the pumps won’t work without a PIN being entered.

But to be fair, the US fucks tourists too at gas pumps because most of them ask for your billing zip code before they will work (a 5 digit number) of which of course a tourist won’t have.

But that’s not the worst of how we treat our tourists. That usually happens right as you get off the plane. 🙁

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