Claw Machine Master : interestingasfuck

Claw Machine Master : interestingasfuck

Minor humble brag: Every time I go to this local pub in my hometown, I play the claw machine which is $1 for two plays. The claw machine is full of stuffed animals.

80% of the time I’ve played, I’ve won a stuffed animal. Sure, it’s through the payout route (I usually end up paying $5-10 but hey, it helps sponsor the pub which has good food).

Every time I’ve won a stuffed animal, I’ve given it to a kid that was at the pub at the time. If they had a sibling or a friend with them, I’d get another one so no one would get left out.

I predict, that over the space of 5 or so years, I’ve given away around 150-200 stuffed animals. Maybe more. This is a ballpark.

Want to know the secret? Beggars can’t be choosers. Go for the easy stuffed animal, not that specific elephant one.