Cohen’s lawyer says he’s completely flipped and will give evidence that Trump colluded with Russia : worldnews

Cohen's lawyer says he's completely flipped and will give evidence that Trump colluded with Russia : worldnews

I was just thinking about this yesterday. Reflecting upon my memories of being 8 or 9 and watching Nixon on TV. First when he picked Gerald Ford to replace Spiro Agnew, and then later on when he said he was resigning. I remember the adults in my life being shocked about it. The big thing for my dad was an unelected man was President. But, he wasn’t overly concerned about the future; my dad did twenty minutes one night on how the system worked like it was supposed to in catching this corruption.

I also thought back to watching Clinton’s impeachment and wondering what my father would have said about those events. I was 36 or so when that all happened and watched it all with one eye on TV and one eye on the kids, family and rest of what was going on in life. Don’t think I was shocked as my parents had been with Watergate, but concerned about what had gone on. But more as just an onlooker to all of it.

Today, level of family stuff really hadn’t changed, but I have both eyes on the stories now; I watch or research more about what going on. Now, in my mid-50’s I find myself angry about it a lot. At both sides of it. Being a military brat born in the early 60’s colors my thoughts on what I believe America should be and what is right and what is wrong. So my memories of this time will be ones of disgust, anger and disbelief about where our country is today. But also pride in a system that appears to be working to right itself, albeit slowly. The midterms will be the crux of it. Sort of like the groundhog that signals 6 more weeks of winter, or an early spring.

Hopefully, we don’t see our shadows and we don’t end up with six more years of corruption, lies and hate.

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