Don’t tell me what to do : funny

Don’t tell me what to do : funny

Well, feel free to message me about it. I have a decent amount of experience with birds and also I have a deep love for them (I should have gone to school for ornithology honestly, and I’m sad I didn’t recognize my love for them in time).

I’d say if you’re interested in getting a bird, first consider how long you’re willing to deal with stubborn, diverse, and fleeting personalities. If you’re not willing to love and care for a being that has the intelligence of a 2 year old human for up to 80 years, every day, all the time, then do not get a bird. They’re very demanding and delicate and they deserve immense amounts of respect. They’re expensive and destructive and intensely fun and loving.

Then I’d consider what your activity level is like. If you have small children, wait to get a bird until your children are older. If you’re gone from home multiple days at a time, or have long work days, don’t get a bird. These animals need (minimum) an hour a day outside of the cage to stretch their wings and expand their minds. They also need the proper sized cage for when they’re not outside of it. They need proper food (seeds are pretty unhealthy for them— imagine eating pure sugar and fat for every meal, and that’s what seed is like for birds) and they need a wide variety of that food (pellets for daily maintenance, green veggies, peppers, fruits, nuts, and some grains are all good things for them with some exceptions). They need toys all the time because it gives them something to do (aka destroy) so it’s a constant game of what to get next. They like puzzles and paper and shells and other easily shredded stuff. And avian vets are NOT cheap.

They get territorial and possessive. They can and will bite anyone they don’t trust or like. They’re also incredibly smart and will always try to find ways to undermine whatever power you think you might have (my boy coco knows how to break out of his cage). Like I said, they are finicky and silly and wild. But they have taught me so much about how much patience I am capable of, how much love I am able to give, and what parts of myself are finicky and silly and wild. I don’t recommend them to people who need alone time, who need quiet places to work, and who need low-maintenance pets. They are babies who are loud and need so much attention.

If you’re still interested, great! Try to spend time by volunteering at a bird rescue so you can get to know their various interpersonal dynamics. It’s fascinating and fun. You might even meet a bird who decides they like you, and wants to stick with you. Try to rescue a bird before you buy one from a breeder or store, because breeders are in a moral-gray area and stores often sell sick or inbred birds.

Alright, this post has gotten too long! I’m sorry for the wall of text.

TL;DR: message me for more info on birds!

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