Dry martini : WhitePeopleTwitter

Dry martini : WhitePeopleTwitter

vermouth is sweet typically

dry vermouth is still sweeter than gin

if you add around 4 drops or so of vermouth, that’s enough to sweeten the gin in a martini. then you pop an olive and a straw in there.

If you get asked for a dry martini, usually that means that the person wants a little bit less vermouth so that it’s not as sweet. So that means you just cut the vermouth in half, put about 2 drops in there instead. Pop the olive, the straw, there’s your drink.

Oh right I should have mentioned you usually wanna serve these martinis in a chilled glass. No big deal, not like you were asking about that part anyways.

Then there’s of course the Extra Dry Martini… Well if you know that a Dry Martini is basically half less vermouth than a regular Martini, and this guy asked for an Extra Dry Martini. Well logically that means that you need about 0 drops of vermouth in that Martini…

Contemplate for a moment why this man didn’t just ask for a shot of gin with an olive and then hand him his “martini” and a little straw to make him feel better. Don’t forget the olive.

Rich hats love to drink “martinis” and get really upset when you don’t make their martinis correctly. So just make sure that you look like you’re putting extra precaution and effort into stirring their incredibly difficult to make drink. Smile a lot, and ask him if he had any luck in the stock market recently (rich people love to brag about good potential stock shares, this is good for you).

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