Dwight too, had some wholesome moments : DunderMifflin

Dwight too, had some wholesome moments : DunderMifflin

No I get it, and I just think it’s sloppy-ish writing for a tear-jerking moment.

They did have a moment at the Glee party where she said she “considered them to be good friends”, which I never understood either. They had a few moments where they work together but he was not very often nice to her — his concussion, the time the guy painted butts on her mural (also season 9), where she’s convinced Jim finds Kathy attractive, playing a “prank” on Clark where he tries to choke him with saran wrap (lol) — they have a few moments, and I could see how they would consider each other friendly, but get outta here with the best friend thing lol.

I would assume his best friend would be Mose or something like that. Before Michael left I would think he’d consider Michael to be his best friend.

I mean it’s whatever, doesn’t really matter.

Edit: Words.

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