EA deleted my Origin account and EA help is totally ignoring me. : gaming

EA deleted my Origin account and EA help is totally ignoring me. : gaming

I am a veteran playing Battlefield since 2002 and using origin since launch.

Just two weeks back I wasn’t able to login to my Origin Account (with Battlefield 5 Pre-ordered). I contacted EA Help and they are telling there there is no trace of my ID. I provided them my transaction IDs, Order IDs, Game Keys, But they are telling that they have no info. In fact they don’t even know what happened. EA Help mercilessly disconnected the conversation with vague explanations.

My account has games worth thousands of Dollars which includes BF1942, BF1 Premium, BFBC2, BF3 premium, BF4 Premium, BF5 (pre-ordered), Unravel 1, Unravel 2, TitalFall 2, Battlefront 1, FIFA 18, etc.

I even went to call them but they said they can’t do anything and don’t know anything. Everything gone! but more surprising is EA is not even telling me what happened. They told me it’s not their responsibility.

When i search in Battlelog and origin I still get my profile.

(The DP is my real picture from my days in Indian Air Force – Served for 10 years)

attached my case link


Update: EA just deleted my only case ID and now I have nowhere to track the details of my conversation

EA Deleted my CASE ID also.

and conversation below. Is there is anyone who can help me here?

kindly help me, please reach out to me if you can help me @



Update: Final Response from EA : “We don’t know anything about your account”

Himanshu: I told you that there is no such information about “***@live.in”

you: ok what next??

you: i want my games back, I have the receipts, the credit card transactions, everything

you: how to get them backHimanshu: There is no account.

Himanshu: There is no details.

Himanshu: So I am unable to follow any process for you.

you: but how is it my fault…??? EA should be able to get me back what I purchased**…

Himanshu: The deletion request was requested from your side.

you: Atleast show me the acknowledgement evidence that someone who knows me requested for deletion of my account.. I don’t even have any emails on this

Himanshu: How should I provide you any information ?

Himanshu: There is no account.

Himanshu: There is no case.

Himanshu: There are no such information.

Himanshu: There are nothing.

you: But that is EA’s thing to keep.. how can i know if someone did it… and how can someone do it without having access to my email id and my mobile phone.. while 2FA was active

you: I have receipts so atleast give me my games back and get me a new account

Himanshu: There is no way to verify your proof of purchase.

Himanshu: We are unable to fetch any information by your game codes.you: nowhy?? i have transaction IDs, I still have that credit card, i have receipts, i have the same phone no, same email ** id

you: why can’t it be verified

Himanshu: Because all your details were on your account.

Himanshu: And now there is no account.

Himanshu: So how can we verify you and your purchases ** ?

you: But my bank has the transaction IDs that i paid to EA… your billing team will have that

you: the way you want…you: i have access to everything related to this account except for the account itself that is on a portal managed by you

Himanshu: I checked your previous case.

Himanshu: We consulted with the billing team.Himanshu: We don’t have any information.

Himanshu: So we are unable to verify you and your purchases.you: so what is your final call on this?

Himanshu: If you want a call back service.you: yes i do

Himanshu: I can generate a call back service for you.

Himanshu: Please share your number.you: remember friend…. I am posting this on Reddit where this is already going viral.. (go to reddit/r/battlefield and my post is on top)you: my no is +91**********

Himanshu: Thank you.Himanshu: Now please cancel the browser**.

Himanshu: You will receive a call from our side within 3-4 hours.you: can you tell me what is the resolution to this from your end and what is the take away from this tiresome converstaion?

Himanshu: I tried all the possible ways for you.

Himanshu: But when there is no account I was unable to locate** anything**.

Himanshu: I will generate a call back service for ** you.

you: wthe take away is it is not reliable to buy anything on Origin as anytime it can be deleted and EA will blindly tell it was deleted and would give no evidence of it

Himanshu: So you can receive ** a call support**.

Himanshu: If we deleted your account that means account deletion was requested** from your side.

you: but you didn’t give any proof or any mail from my id that requested it??

you: how can you claim that i requested it

you: that is really lame

Himanshu: How can you expect any information ?

Himanshu: When there is no account** anymore.

Himanshu: Everything is linked to your account.

Himanshu: Okay.

you: and my account was deleted by EA so ?????? what are you trying** to suggest????

Himanshu:** We never do that.

you: can’t you yourself see that these are all vague arguments.. just going in circles

Himanshu: Request** was from your side.you**: prove it

you: provide email that came from my id for deleting this account

you: where is acknowledgement from my end

you: ??

Himanshu: Could you please prove it the deletion request ** was not from your side ?

you: Yes i can… as there is no case ID nor any** ** email that I sent

you: there is nothing related to deletion in my mail box…

Himanshu: Just like you I can prove that we didn’t delete y**our account from our**** sid**e.

you: wow….

you: thanks


My Latest Purchase

Removed on request by EA

my other order IDs

Removing my order IDs as requested by EA

Mail from EA Help:

FROM:Thomas RSENT:10-Aug-2018 7:51:14 PM

I wanted to thank you again for contacting EA Help. I do hope the information we covered helps with your issue. I do understand it was not the answer you wanted but I have provided a link below to our online AnswersHQ forums where you can leave any addition feedback you may have on this limitation. But if there is anything else we can do for you, please feel free to reach back out to us using the steps below. I hope you have a great rest of your day!

Log into Origin at help.ea.com

Click on “Manage my Accounts”

Select “My Cases” and Select Case #XXXXXXXX

Select Resume and select Call Back or Chat

AnswersHQ Forums: r/https://answers.ea.com/t5/Origin/ct-p/origin-en

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