Federal government says it will not consider decriminalizing drugs beyond marijuana, despite calls from Canada’s major cities to consider measure. Montreal and Toronto are echoing Vancouver and urging government to treat drug use as public health issue, rather than criminal one. : worldnews

Not really, in this case. And it would be a massive mistake to just replace the Liberals arbitrarily.

The only other pro-drug parties are the NDP (who are really divided, with shaky leadership) and the Libertarians, who never get more than 1% of the vote, with the Conservatives stealing from their numbers). Neithet can rally the support we’d need to make progressive change within the next two elections.

And the only party that’s able to really beat the Liberals are the Conservatives, who were so anti-drug that our current leader could have just run on pot reform, and won. They’re antagonistic of anything that smacks of progress, even when that attitude flies in the face of freedom. The party’s current leader is a supporter of the old, anti-drug Prime Minister, and his only reason for being in charge was so the old guard of the party could prevent a Libertarian (Bernier) from taking charge of the party. They won’t have it, at all.

If the endgoal is decriminalization, then the NDP and the Libertarian parties would need to wake up. As long as the lead parties are the Liberals and Conservatives, then no, the present leadership (which, while mild, is still progressive) is the closest we can have, right now.

And if we tried to just oust the Liberals, we’d end up with the downright antagonism and regression that we’re experiencing in Ontario, where the present leader (Doug ‘Mom’ Ford, brother of the infamous Crack using mayor Rob Ford) is actively sabotaging a sex ed curriculum by stripping out things like teaching young teens to respect consent.

No. The Federal government can’t be repleaced right now in a way that can lead to decriminalization (which is what I’m presuming you’re saying).

What we need is for young Conservatives to vote outright Libertarian for an election cycle – long enough to see if they can wake thebparty up, and long enough to scare the Conservative brass into accepting a Freedom-oriented leader.

If we can get that to happen, then the road will be paved for a decriminalization election.

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