Found on r/vegan : quityourbullshit

Found on r/vegan : quityourbullshit

But it is bullshit, because that’s not what the image is. That’s like saying that the image in Iran from the 2000s of the boy getting his arm crushed under a truck wheel “as punishment” is okay to spread because it “happens all the time in those countries”. No, it was a street stunt. And it shouldn’t be reported as otherwise.

Believe what you want, I’m not here to impose veganism, carnivorism, or anything in between on you. Use a real image, by all means. But misappropriating the use of media to “prove a point” is bullshit for so many reasons. And living in a world where fake news spreads like wildfire, I think you understand what I’m talking about.

Also note that several people in this thread quickly found actual resources of this very thing. Which further proves that it was wrong to misappropriate another image, when they couldn’t be bothered to get their facts straight. Lying to “prove a point” is unfortunately, very common. But still total bullshit, and ethically wrong. Especially when the truth is right there.

Edit: It really truly scares me that so many people take umbrage with what I’ve said. Very well. Don’t ever complain about the president, his cronies, or anyone else lying to you. Because they all believe they’re being just as “virtuous” in their cause by doing so. It’s not okay to lie to “prove a point”, and never will be.

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