Friendly reminder that this image of Putin as a Gay clown is illegal in Russia and should not be shared, printed, or downloaded. : PoliticalHumor

Friendly reminder that this image of Putin as a Gay clown is illegal in Russia and should not be shared, printed, or downloaded. : PoliticalHumor

Why? Russia would fucking get their shitty asses kicked if they went to war. We have nothing to fear from them except cyber attacks.

You see son, Russia’s got nothing, in real terms. As much as Vlad blusters, Russia is in a piss poor condition for any fight with a first world power with “over the horizon” kill capability. That’s why Vlad will go be a bully to places like Ukraine, because they don’t have the military / tech to oppose him. That’s why Vlad chest thumps about how strong Russian military is, how good Russian military technology is today, as they bomb a bunch people in Syria. Never mind those people have next to zero chance of shooting down a Russian chopper/plane, it let’s Russia look tough. The truth is far less rosy, and far more laughable if you’re the West, for Russia.

The once great Soviet Submarine Navy, which became great by spending the funds necessary to play catch-up in real world equipment and training making them able to play with the US, is a rusted hulk. Those subs and ships, that aren’t useless rust-buckets, have (in comparison) aging equipment and poorly trained crews. Just last week Vlad made a snide comment about the British Submarine fleet. Having known some people in the British Navy, this was laughable. While the British submariner fleet is not numerous if they received orders to destroy Russian subs, the Brits would have those subs dead after morning tea but before afternoon tea. We’ll skip ridiculing most of what’s left of the once proud surface navy, but will ridicule the floating dumpster fire they call an aircraft carrier.

The joke that is Russian Army is better off than the Navy, but not by much. Their next generation tank has proven far more difficult to build than expected. We’re talking boondoggle here, because that production difficulty is after lowering requirements to not much better than “current” (which is about a decade behind Germany) Main Battle Tanks. Their concept of drones appeared to be from high school kids who thought it had to be human looking for some reason. Really, that’s why Vlad didn’t go whole hog in Ukraine and stuck with soldiers on vacation cover. If anyone with over the horizon kill capability joins the fight, they’re dead.

The Russian Air Force is in the catbird seat by comparison, since they have the weakest opponents. However any real fight between Western and Russian equipment shows the glaring gaps in capability. What was once rightly feared, the Mig 29, is now met with a bit of scorn. Air Force pilots term fighting planes that are older like that “clubbing baby seals” because of the lack of true combined arms information warfare capability. That’s before adding stealth tech to the mix. Their next gen super fighter is also a paper project only, and will never see the light of day with remotely similar specs as purported.

Speaking of which, those jokes of superweapons Russia claims to have / be developing. Yeah, let’s all snicker at them. IF Russia can build them, it will be after twenty years of R&D, and ten years of production snafus will follow.

So you see, Vlad is presiding over a paper bear. He is using bluster to try and cover his weaknesses. Russia is irrelevant as a superpower, except for sheer numbers of cannon fodder and older nuclear missiles. Many of those older nuclear missiles might not work, by the by, because ICBM’s require a lot of expensive maintenance and Russia has had money problems for a long time.

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