Games that let you max out your stealth. : videos

Games that let you max out your stealth. : videos

No but for real though Hitman 2016’s AI does suck pretty damn bad.

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game with such bad (1) AI (2) in my entire life. The game just absolutely breaks if you decide to assassinate your target in any way other than the intended ones. I don’t think I’ve every gotten a “custom” (non-scripted) assassination to work fluidly. Also, guards can shoot through crowds, not exactly “AI” but its related.

One time I even threw a bomb from the third floor of a house down at the target killing him and about 10 people around him (It’s the one assassination with the actor in Italy, I got in the tower next to where he signs autographs and threw C4) and people just played the screaming sounds and crouched in place. By the time I had come down from the building (about a minute later) to see the site from up close the body was already being dragged and the people were back to talking about random shit, such as wondering in what movie the guy I just VERY PUBLICLY killed is going to star next.

It seems to me like the AI (especially the crowd AI) is tied to their specific rooms and not truly active until you’re in that room with them. That would explain why in the sniping video I got no reaction while in the one killing the target while in the crowd they kind of do a bit better (they’re generally not set up for anything overt). They also reset extremely quickly, leading to the situations I described above where if you’re killing them from an isolated area the AI has already reset by the time you get to the kill area.

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