Get a female roommate they said : WatchPeopleDieInside

Get a female roommate they said : WatchPeopleDieInside

I had a school excursion to the snow with my 5 best friends. I am a girl and so were the rest. After 3 days I have never been so annoyed to be under the same roof as them. There was 2 bedrooms with 3 beds in each and an bathroom on each bedroom.

They each took hr showers, which consisted of using the toilet, showering, blowdrying their hair, brushing their hair, straightening their hair, putting their hair under a beanie (because snow), straightening their fringes out the sides of the beanie, applying makeup, finding the right perfume and spraying the entire bathroom, and finally getting dressed.

The shower was covered in hair all the girls refused to clean because they never did it at their places and “that disgusting, just wash it down the drain”… the sink had 100 products on it, and the girls would borrow and fight over certain ones. Only me and one other didn’t use makeup or do our hair like them the entire week we were there, and had to wake up 30min earlier to use the bathroom before them or piss outside, we were in different bedrooms :/

The kitchen was covered in dirty dishes and every single coffee cup was used everyday even though there was 12 and only 6 of us !!! And the bin wasn’t changed by any of them except me and that one other girl because “nails” were freshly painted every time a chore came up and Hell no im not doing that.

They constantly would put on this playlist of about 10 songs on a loop, sure it was fun to sing and dance to the first night. But it happened every night and then some would fight about the music and ehhhhhhhhhhh

I could not imagine living with any girl other then that one that helped clean and not use the bathroom for hrs on end!!!

EDIT: this excursion was for a week and a half.

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