Google Glasses Sniper : interestingasfuck

Google Glasses Sniper : interestingasfuck

I work on tech and 4 years ago when google glass was a limited release about 5 folks got the glass. Now granted it was early so there needed to be a few others toons to get it right. However, there was a social aspect to wearing them that caused everyone to stop wearing them in public.

I said it was something like wearing those novelty x-ray glasses around. It isn’t that the person has x-ray vision now. But more that it is awkward to have someone wanting to have x-ray vision while looking at you. Did that make sense?

In other words, those who were wearing them became mindful that others were alway asking themselves “what is___ looking at?” Which is like someone secretly looking at their phone while in a conversation.

I’m sure they will work these kinks out over time. But at the time it was an interesting observation.