He got some moves : BeAmazed

He got some moves : BeAmazed

A sub to share amazing things.


1.Reposts. This includes the following :

  • Posts recently submitted to /r/BeAmazed
  • Cross-posts which crossed 10,000 points within last 2 months. Popular cross-posts are allowed if they are submitted by the same OP.
  • Frequent Repost, post that has been submitted to Reddit many times before in past are not allowed.

2.No hate speech of any kind. Racist, sexist, homophobic, or other abusive submissions or comments will get you filtered and marked as a spammer. So follow Reddiquette when posting and commenting. No meta comments–especially why something is amazing or not.

3.No porn or gore.

4.Mods can remove any post at any time without explanation if they do not think it is good for the subreddit. Do not contact us about why the post was removed if the flair is showing the reason.

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