I actually can’t believe it. FINALLY : BlackPeopleTwitter

I actually can't believe it. FINALLY : BlackPeopleTwitter

I come from a family of police (father/brother, I’m prior military for what it’s worth) and I tend to err on the side of the police until the evidence gives me reason to believe otherwise.

This fucker deserves a whole lot more than the 15 years he got, and probably won’t serve half of.

He walked up to a car full of children and started yelling at them while pointing a rifle at the car. When they attempted to drive away he fucking unloaded into the car. This was cold blooded murder by any definition.

Then, when arrested, he claimed, he “din do nuffin’ wrong” because they were trying to ram him with their car, apparently expecting the “blue line” to protect him and bury their body cam footage. When THAT came out and proved that he was lying, he said he “misspoke”.

This ass is a remorseless cold blooded murderer that needs to be put away for a LONG time. A 15 year old kid never got to see another day of life because this guy couldn’t get past his authority boner.

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