I wanted someone different… : PoliticalHumor

I wanted someone different... : PoliticalHumor

What it implies, really, is that some people think being a politician doesn’t actually require any qualifications and the ones who are politicians now don’t have any.

Which… isn’t entirely inaccurate. There some truth to the idea that we have a lot of politicians in office who aren’t very qualified for running a country.

What’s crazy is when someone looks at this and comes to the conclusion that we need someone who is most assuredly not qualified at all because they aren’t part of “the system.”

To go with the pilot analogy someone posted, it’s sort of like saying that because the pilots seem to be unqualified, let’s get in our own pilot… who is also unqualified. Yeah, he may have no clue what he’s doing, but he’s our unqualified pilot and he’s going to right this plane before it crashes.

It’s like… what???

No, demand that we get politicians into office who are actually qualified. That’s the answer. If you want to demand that they’re outsiders as well, that’s fine, just make sure they’re well and truly qualified.

Of course, Trump wasn’t really an outsider as you rightfully point out. But that didn’t stop some from buying right into it. Crazy thing is, some thought of him as an outsider because he was raw and rude, rather than the picturesque prepared politician, but somehow missed the fact that he’s a spoiled rich guy who couldn’t relate to a working-class citizen if his life literally depended on it.

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