“I would give him 10 stars, but since I can’t, here’s 4 out of 5” : mildlyinfuriating

I remember a while back when I worked for a nationwide retail store. At random times after the receipt printed a survey would print. It was a big deal to us.

One day I get called back to the managers office. They let me know a survey had come back and they wanted to talk to me about it. 75% was pretty awful. Went on about how bad the landscaping was, how the parking lot was in severe need of repaving, the store was literally falling apart, and the managers were incompetent. All of which were very true and not a secret sadly.

Then there was the other 25%, the part about me. It was absolutely glowing. 10 out of 10 in everything. They went on about much great I made the experience shopping there and how I was the only one who took the time to listen and help. They finished by stating that I would be the only reason they returned to our store. I was pretty pleased personally.

The manager looked over it again and got a serious look. They told me this was a pretty terrible review. Being a dumb smart ass kid I interjected bad for except for my stuff. She seriously looked me in the eye and asked “what do you think you could have done to make this a better experience for that customer”? I was floored. I felt cornered and pushed back. I told them this was everyone but me. I kept our department immaculate. I pointed out all the complaints and said not a single thing was in my control. I even brought up the previous times I pushed for those issues be fixed. This wasn’t new.

After this the landscaper was replaced and a technician spent 2 months crawling all over our store fixing stuff. Nothing else was said to me but I guess the message got through.

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