Instant friendship : gifs

Instant friendship : gifs

The trick is trying to find and build towards some kind of passion or another. I’d personally recommend the happy kind, but some people get their rocks off by being angry all the time, so hey, if a good ol’ circle jerk about Westboro Baptist Church or antivaxxers work for you, then it’s better than nothing.

People tie their emotions to places, events, sounds, smells, but mostly the other people they’re with at the time. You work a brain worm into their heads via a “weather’s nice” culminating eventually into a “your grandmother knew exactly how much you tried, dude, she was your age, she knew exactly what it was like to fill her life with work and never have time for the people around you,” and bam, your investment into that person’s humanity begins growing a friendship.

Disclaimer: not saying 0 finess is involved. If you can’t make that kind of progression feel natural, don’t force it. Look into conversation techniques; I can’t remember the name of it, but if you pay attention and pull out a few things the other person said, you can usually come up with some way of responding, whether it’s a question, your own shpeal about the topic, what have you. You may look like an overly passionate weirdo at times while working out the kinks of this approach, but frankly, there are far worse things.

Added bonus: using passion (especially the happy kind) brings that same type of person into your life, and before you know it, you’ll have a group of passionate people who care about each other’s humanity and continually enriches each other’s lives. By golly, is that a way to live.

Source: the anecdotal life of an introvert who desperately needed to figure out that whole human interaction thing and how to obtain/nurture adult friendships that weren’t reinforced by things like work or school

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