It’s okay guys, his finger just slipped : OopsDidntMeanTo

It’s okay guys, his finger just slipped : OopsDidntMeanTo

Well. Pull up a chair boys.

Flashback to 2013. My daughter was just born and my wife went picture crazy. Uploading to Facebook and whatnot. My mom is going crazy showing people at work, friends ect. She owns a smartphone, but really doesn’t do much on it. She doesn’t even have the Facebook app at this point.

One days she’s going on and on at work about my daughter and goes to show some people pictures of her very first grandchild. She opens up the chrome app and that’s when it happens. My dad had been on it previously ( they shared a phone ), and neglected to close out of the pornhub tab that he had up. So instead of a clean browser to navigate to Facebook, my mom and her coworkers were greeted with a frozen video of a woman with a raging boner in her mouth.

This is what prompted me to maybe show ole pops what incognito mode was for chrome. And to also close out tabs.

TL;DR – Dad didn’t close out of a pornhub tab and my mom opened chrome on her phone to show off pictures of her grandchild.

Edit : He acted totally ignorant to what I was trying to tell him at the time. But I think I did some justice. But then again, this is the same man that yelled “THIS IS MY GOD DAMNED COMPUTER” when I simply asked him to go to “my computer”.

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