King Kong(2005) takes place in 1933, the same year the original film was released. Early in the film, when Carl Denham is looking for a new lead actresses for his movie, the dialogue suggests that the original King Kong(1933) exists and was being made at the same time as this one. : MovieDetails

I genuinely really like the movie and could ramble about it for days, and i’ll throw in my 2 cents:

Something this movie absolutely kills is the fantastical aspect of discovering an ancient, time-forgotten island. The build up to getting to Skull Island is tense and mysterious, and their harrowing journey throughout is really captivating and just itches that exploratory/adventurous itch. It’s really fun watching them just run into Dinosaurs, casually rummaging through ancient ruins, and watching Kong dominate the large wildlife. If you’re interested at all in the aspect of discovering an ancient and mysterious island, imo Jackson knocked it out of the park.

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