Librarians are in uproar after an article in Forbes magazine proposed replacing all public libraries in the US with Amazon bookstores, which said libraries ‘don’t have the same value they used to’ and cost taxpayers too much : Futurology

In an information based society, why would anyone choose to do without access to information?

So this is an information war. It’s about who can develop the next creative industries, markets and products, and bring them to market.

How many inventors, company CEO’s , students and others looking to learn started at the library.

This is idiotic, because 6 months ago Mr. Bezos was not sure there was a need, and perhaps 6 months from now Mr. Bezos will see that profits are down and really there was never any market demand in the first place.

So how about Mr. Bezos try launching a few stores first and see how it goes after 5-10 or 50 years. Libraries have been around for thousands of years – for a reason.

As a society, in the last few years I have to say we have a NASTY undercurrent that seems perfectly content to offer up “ideas” like not going to college, not having libraries or not having rigorous standards for education, or not training to learn new technologies.

I’m not sure where , or by whom these authors are being paid, but clearly their interests do not align with the best interests of not just US readers but readers of any society where they intend to continue enjoying the benefits of industrial, scientific society.

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