Local Fish and Chip shop firing back : MurderedByWords

Local Fish and Chip shop firing back : MurderedByWords

I never understand why people fuck with anyone ever. I’m not over the top nice to people in the service industry, I just say hi, remember my pleases and thank yous, and offer a friendly parting greeting. If they initiate chat, I’ll chat. If they make a mistake, I’ll be polite and friendly about it. That’s it. That’s all it takes.

And that has gotten me so much excellent service and even freebies. One time my favorite buritto place accidentally charged me for two extra sauces. It was literally one dollar. I was nice about it, and they gave me a free drink, and upsized my nachos from a little bag to a giant container, about a $3-4 dollar apology. One time my local pizza place kinda overcooked my pie, I was nice about it, and they made a new one and gave me the overcooked one too (it was fine for me, but not my picky 4yo, which is the only reason I said anything). Starbucks gave my son an extra cake pop just for being so polite when he ordered! It’s that easy!

When you mess with the staff, they’ll look for a reason not to help you. It’s a pride thing. I mean who wants to get treated like dirt and then have to bend over backwards to help the person abusing them? They’ll basically think “how little can I help this person and not get I’m trouble”.

Just be nice.

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