Macron’s reaction to Finnish coffee : europe

Macron's reaction to Finnish coffee : europe

“Lorotus” is the more common word with the same origin, which means to pour a lot, to the point of wasting the liquid as in “don’t waste the hot water in the shower”; “älä lorottele suihkussa”. Plörö as a higher-pitched shorter sound is the opposite, but not really a formal word. Lorina on the other hand is the sound of flowing liquid. Finnish may be a weird language, but the base vocabulary is pretty small since the use of those base words/meanings is so elastic due to the nature of the language and many words originate from a description of the sound things make.

Apparently in some circles its use to pour a dribble of spirits into coffee has been shortened to just the “dribble” word itself for coffee with a dribble of spirits, but it’s not a common or established word unlike how u/Hardly_lolling makes it sound like.

Edit: meant dribble or another synonym for pour a little, not squint; was possibly thinking of squirt

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