Man adopts 45 dogs and sets them free on his 4 acre enclosed land. : gifs

Man adopts 45 dogs and sets them free on his 4 acre enclosed land. : gifs

I worked in a canine laboratory for a few years, so I’ll give my 2 cents.

Assuming none of the dogs has anxiety toward other dogs, they would probably act like dogs at a dog park act. Some would prefer playing with their “friends”, while some just like to dig holes in the corner by themselves. There might be the occasional fight over a highly-valued toy, but I imagine (or hope) the owner made sure to check that each dog gets along well with dogs before sticking them all together. Someone said this is a play area in the larger area of their home, so they would probably spend most of their time just romping.

The “alpha” idea is controversial widely considered to be wrong and doesn’t really reflect how wolves or dogs develop social hierarchies. “Dominance” is more accurate, and is limited to a pair relationsip. It’s not a life-long trait, nor is it absolute. It seems to depend strongly on situations and motivational states (Bradshaw et al., 2009). A dog may become more dominant if it is hungry and competing against a dog who is not as hungry, for example. But the same dog if well-fed may have no problem submitting to another dog.

Also, interestingly, dominance can’t be predicted by size or fighting ability (Bradshaw & Amanda Lea, 1992). So probably the Chihuahuas would be fine.

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