Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood : movies

Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood : movies

Yes, that’s unfortunately true. It’s been a while since I watched a documentary on the Manson murders, but as far as I can recall, that did happen. One of the Manson family, Susan Atkins, was also reportedly “obsessed” with cutting Tate and Polanski’s unborn son out of Tate’s womb, and kidnapping / raising the child in the Manson family.

A quick Wikipedia and Google search also verifies the information:

[Manson family member] [Susan] Atkins found the house’s three other occupants and, with another member’s help, forced them to the living room. One began to tie Sharon Tate and [her former friend and lover] Jay Sebring together by their necks with rope he had brought, and slung up over one of the living room’s ceiling beams. Sebring’s protest – his second – of rough treatment of the pregnant Tate prompted the Manson family member to shoot him. Another victim was taken momentarily back to her bedroom for her purse, out of which she gave the intruders $70. After that, the Manson family member stabbed the groaning Sebring seven times.

[…] In the house, Tate pleaded to be allowed to live long enough to have her baby, and even offered herself as a hostage in an attempt to save the life of her unborn child. At this point either Atkins…or another Manson family member killed Tate, who was stabbed 16 times. One of the Manson family members later wrote that as she was being killed, Tate cried: “Mother…mother…”

Tate was found naked, and “[one] of Miss Tate’s breasts had been cut off, apparently as a result of indiscriminate slashing,” TIME added. “She was [nearly] nine months pregnant, and there was an X cut on her stomach.” (Source)

Atkins would later testify: “But that night I met Charlie [Manson] in that house on Lime Street, I had no idea I would be there when God’s game ended for Sharon Tate, with me holding her in my arms. I went over to Sharon Tate…when she began begging me to let her go so she could have her baby…and I flashed, wow, there’s a living being in there. […] I got the towel that I had tied the man’s hands with, and I went over to Sharon Tate. I wanted to, but I couldn’t bring myself to cut her open and take the baby [for myself]. I knew it was living, I knew it wouldn’t live…”

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