My kid sleeps like he fell down in Family Guy. : funny

My kid sleeps like he fell down in Family Guy. : funny

I was in an indie movie awhile back where a lot of people were to “die” in the movie. 4 casts members were to die that day and I was partially in most of the scenes. I noticed after the 3rd death scene, every one of them had a dead pose that looked nearly like the pic, minus the crooked legs. During the last death scene, the 4th guy did exactly the same pose(shot, fell down and made the pose). I told the director what I was noticing and he and the rest of the crew all laughed and realized how “fake” it would look for everyone to have the same pose, especially since the death scenes were back to back. Kinda funny how what realistically happens looks fake on screen. It’s like refusing to believe a statistic if it ends on a 0, like “there were 2000 deaths at the 2nd Tower.” So what I’m getting at is, your kid would make a perfect zombie in a movie. Git to it!

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