New Bill Would Prohibit Federal Law Enforcement Officials From Having Sex With People in Custody : nottheonion

There it is.

So the authors of this bill are using it as a way to funnel money into LEAs in areas they want sway in, and to demonize any LEA and area that doesn’t support it.

Nothing is genuine in this shit government. That’s why I hate the sudden “compassion” for any kind of suffering in the world. Nobody gave 2 fucks for years. Nobody gives 2 fucks about starving and dying Brazilian kids. Nobody gives a fuck about the child slave labor that manufacturers our goods.

But as soon as a celebrity, or 60 minutes, or more commonly, a viral video or movie mentions an issue, for a few months it’s the only thing anyone cares about. Remember Kony 2012? Biggest issue on the planet….for 2 months or so. Give it 3 or 4 months max, and nobody will be thinking about the poor immigrant kids who are being horribly mistreated(and have been for years).

Like people who act like homeless people don’t exist, then act like they’re better than you because they donated a pumpkin pie and an hour scooping mashed potatoes at a shelter on Thanksgiving.

Nigoro is holding a La-Mulana 2 live stream tonight

Nigoro is holding a La-Mulana 2 live stream tonight

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