New Venom poster released : movies

New Venom poster released : movies

But that would be confusing as fuck

I don’t follow DC on a regular basis and confused as fuck seeing the same heroes in movies and TV shows played by different actors and having different sorylines and not even related to each other.

Like, is TV series Supergirl related to Henry Cavil’s Superman? Are the Edgy Titans part of the DC Movie Universe or TV Universe or is it stand alone TV Universe? You can justify it with the parallel Universes like in the comics, but seriously, it is confusing as fuck if you’re not a regular viewer or a comic reader.

I know it became a circlejerk to praise Marvel, but they do a far better job with TV and movies. If one day they decide to make Jessica Jones or Ghostrider an Avenger, or make the Defenders-AoS crossover, it would be very easy to follow.

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