No-look shot at the World Badminton Championships : sports

No-look shot at the World Badminton Championships : sports

First of all, you’re comparing team sports to individual sports. So that’s a very apples to oranges comparison. And even then, if you put Villanova (last year’s NCAA champ) up against an “average” NBA team, they would get absolutely spanked. Let’s say an average team is Denver. They missed the playoffs last year.

It would be a slaughter. Unless you call a 40-50 point spread or more to be “watchable”, then you’re nuts. Actually, in terms of the sheer individual skill involved, basketball is a terrible sport to bring up. Basketball is very individualistic compared to other team sports. The amount of skill it takes to compete at the top level is ridiculous.

On an individual level, if you look at Lebron James for example, this is the type of athlete that could absolutely dominate any sport he played. He can shoot the ball, he can rebound, he can pass, he is incredibly intelligent and understands the game on an insane level. Then level it off with the fact that with all these unique skills, that in a lot of ways are unrelated to one another, he is also an absolute athletic freak. He’s a 250 pound, ripped dude that can run a 40 yd dash in 4.6 seconds at the age of 30+.

What a terrible sport to pick. If you want to look at a sport that one might say has a lower skill requirement than badminton, a much better example would be baseball or football. In baseball, if you are really good at hitting the ball, you can play in the Major Leagues. The rest of your abilities do not need to be stellar. It doesn’t take a ton of skill to play first base. You just need to be able to catch the ball and put your foot on the plate. You can even be a Designated Hitter, and you don’t need to play D at all. So there’s one sport where you can just master a single thing, hitting the ball, and have massive success.

Now if we look at football, it’s very position-dependent. Some positions have huge amounts of skill and athleticism involved (Quarterback, Receiver, Safety, etc.), while others are much more simple (Lineman, Kicker, Fullback). That’s not saying these positions are “easy”, but they are very one-dimensional, and for linemen you’re basically just going one on one with another huge dude and just trying to outmuscle him.

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