No! No more writing… is play with me time now : Eyebleach

No! No more writing... is play with me time now : Eyebleach

My sister lives with me and her dog has done something similar!

One time i was playing ps4 and all of a sudden my door swings open with Guinness, her big black dog, stood there just staring at me direct in the eyes. He looks at the ps4, then back to me, then back to the ps4, then back to me and smiles evilly. He then pushed the eject disk with his nose, grabbed the disk and looked at me directly in the eyes. Then dropped it, and without breaking his stare stomped and shattered it with his paw, then smirked.

Then he took out the photo of me and my ex out of the drawer and put it right in front of me and left. It hurt me a lot.

Ever since this is started keeping a spray bottle for bad boy behavior so this doesn’t happen anymore

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