Nope, too weird for me! : instant_regret

Nope, too weird for me! : instant_regret

I can’t speak for everyone, but here’s my side of it. I was exactly like you, and (still kinda do) think of baby’s as just blobs.

I didn’t think I wanted kids too much, I think I’d be happy with or without them. After years of thinking about it, my wife and I decided to try for a baby.

She’s now 8 months pregnant, due early September. And God damn, seeing that first ultrasound of a moving human being, which was once just some of my jizz (heh)… It changed me. I just thought damn, that little kid… Is mine. It’s gunna love me and rely on me and be a pain in my ass, but damn if I didn’t feel some sort of immediate protection and love for it.

And now that my wife is 8 months, the movements are huge. The baby kicks me and rolls around, and yeah it’s weird, kinda creepy and alien like, but it makes everything so real and exciting. I can’t wait.

Again, everyone is different and obviously there’s a heap of feelings about it all, but that’s mine. Hope it helps you kinda get an idea about it all!