Not gonna lie, I would not only attend this parade but donate money to it. : PoliticalHumor

Not gonna lie, I would not only attend this parade but donate money to it. : PoliticalHumor

He sign a restrictive bill into law in 2016. Here is a npr article https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/04/08/473518239/periods-as-protest-indiana-women-call-governor-to-talk-about-menstrual-cycles

At first he wanted all miscarried fetuses regardless of the term, to be buried or cremated. A campaign against that started with a Facebook page PERIODS FOR PENCE as outlined in the article,

Quoted from the article :

“In the early days of the Periods for Pence effort, the organizer highlighted one aspect of the law — it requires miscarried fetuses, as well as aborted fetuses, to be “interred or cremated by a facility having possession of the remains,” regardless of the age of the fetus

The “Periods for Pence” Facebook page wrote:

“Fertilized eggs can be expelled during a woman’s period without a woman even knowing that she might have had the potential blastocyst in her. Therefore, any period could potentially be a miscarriage without knowledge. I would certainly hate for any of my fellow Hoosier women to be at risk of penalty if they do not ‘properly dispose’ of this or report it. Just to cover our bases, perhaps we should make sure to contact Governor Pence’s office to report our periods. We wouldn’t want him thinking that THOUSANDS OF HOOSIER WOMEN A DAY are trying to hide anything, would we?”

She invited women to call Pence’s office to talk about their periods. “Let’s make our bodies Mike’s business for real, if this is how he wants it,” the page posted.”

Etited to add: The campaign worked and that part of the bill was removed.

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