Official Gameplay Video : gaming

Official Gameplay Video : gaming

In many years time, I will be in a moonlit wooden hut on a mountainside. The warm crackling fire, sitting at the end of a king-sized bed, illuminates the warm rug. The mattress is plump, raised to the right level. The sheets are thick, filled with soft feathers. A window gives a view of the idyllic scenery. A blanket of snow to match the blanket of feathers. A gazelle prances in the distance. My wife, my gorgeous redheaded wife, perfect figure, hair as red as wine and a gaze as intoxicating. She is as nude as the day she is born and just as messy. I have her across the bed, legs splayed out. Her womanhood bared to take my might trunk. For many hours we entwine, always rough, always sweaty. Finally with a quiver of the leg, my Aphrodite falls back, too exhausted to carry on despite her peak physical condition. I myself, of course, am still fully erect, but give her the moment to catch her breath. I hand her a diamond bottle of pure river water and she gratefully takes a sip to hydrate. Between breaths, she leans in and whispers to me, “Darling, I don’t think I’ve ever seen your dick harder than it is right now.” I turn to her, look deep into her eyes, and respond. “It’s still not as hard as it was the first time I saw the first Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay trailer.”

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