Our 2am Uber driver confided in my friend and I that he tried to kill himself last week. A little kindness goes a long way. : MadeMeSmile

Our 2am Uber driver confided in my friend and I that he tried to kill himself last week. A little kindness goes a long way. : MadeMeSmile

“You have a 100% survival rate for your worst days”

I’ve been listening to Welcome to Night Vale lately, a podcast that is essentially a long story about the goings-on of a little town in the southwestern united states in the middle of the desert where everything is just kind of eldritch and weird and whatever, and it WAY too often has EXTREMELY motivational stuff in it like this.

In particular, that line reminds me of “You have survived- survived everything up to this moment.”

Here’s a couple more mashed together into one long thing:

More than the fear of injury, more than the fear of death, this is the fear that looms- The loss of self. The self that is self we imagined we were our whole lives.

But we were never that self, not really. We were only a series of selves, living one role and then leaving it for another. And all the time convincing ourselves that there was no change. That we were always the same person, living the same life. One arc to a finish, not the stutter-stop improvisation that is our actual lives.

Worry less about the person you once were. Or the person you dream you someday will be. Worry about the person you are now. Or don’t even worry! Just be that person. Be the best version of that person you can be. Be a better version than any of the other versions in any of the many parallel universes. Check regularly online to see the rankings.

Time is like wax, dripping from a candle flame. In the moment, it is molten and falling, with the capability to transform into any shape. Then the moment passes, and the wax hits the table top and solidifies into the shape it will always be.

It becomes the past – a solid single record of what happened, still holding in its wild curves and contours the potential of every shape it could have held.

It is impossible not to feel a little sad, looking at that bit of wax, that bit of the past. It is impossible not to think of all the wild forms that wax now will never take.

But then you remember that we are, even now, in another bit of molten wax. We are in a moment that is still falling, still volatile – and we will never be anywhere else. We will always be in that most dangerous, most exciting, most possible time of all: the now. Where we never can know what shape the next moment will take.

Past performance is not a predictor of future results. You have survived everything up to this point. And, for now, existence is enough.

It has a segment wherein it’s “the weather”. It is the weather forecast. But it is always just a song.

One of the songs is called This Too Shall Pass and it ends like this:

The story goes or the way that I was told

There was a king that always felt too high and then he fell too low

So he called all the wise men to the hall

And he begged them for a gift to end the rises and the falls

And here’s the thing: They came back with a ring

It was simple and was plainly unbefitting of a king

Engraved in black, well it had no front or back

But there were words around the band

That said, “Just know: This Too Shall Pass.”

And for some reason that song and that line really gets to me. Just the imagery of this royal, powerful person, suffering from highs and lows (presumably even bipolar disorder from the phrasing) begging his wisest men for something to make it stop, and their solution is merely a reminder that it will pass. I love that. It makes me cry.

I’m kinda going off track here. It just has so many nice little things to motivate and encourage, a bunch of little easily-repeated lines and stories to share.

Your existence is not impossible. But it’s also not very likely.

“All the beauty in the world was made in the oppressive limitations of time and death and impermanence.”

“Are we living a life that is safe from harm? Of course not. We never are, but that’s not the right question. The right question is: Are we living a life that is worth the harm?”

“We are not history yet. We are happening now. How miraculous is that?”

“And while the future is fast coming for you, it always flinches first and settles in as the gentle present. This now. This us. We can cope with that.”

“The past is gone, and cannot harm you anymore.”

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