Over 80 percent want to get rid of time change : europe

Over 80 percent want to get rid of time change : europe

Yes, morning people demand summer time to be permanent. They don’t mind getting up in the night to start working so they can have the (sun) afternoon and evening off. Evening people get heart attacks from getting up that early.

Most research into productivity, student learning and results and health shows winter time would be better as it’s closer to our natural rhythm.

Personally, I’d say take winter time. If you are one of those morning people, just do what you do. Get up an hour earlier and start doing your chores and housekeeping for an hour before you go to work. Like that you’ll be get an extra hour free in the evening. If you want to get up early, you don’t have to torture the other half of the population for it by ruining their rhythm, just do it by yourself.

I’m saying this from Belgium, where we already are in the wrong time zone. By location, we should be in the Greenwich zone. But because the Germans invaded, we are in the much more eastern Berlin zone. That is already about 40 to 50 minutes early. Noon in summer in Belgium is not at 12, it’s not at 13, it’s at almost 14. And that’s fucked up.

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