President Bush slapping President Obama’s butt with his binder after his speech at John McCain’s funeral : gifs

President Bush slapping President Obama's butt with his binder after his speech at John McCain's funeral : gifs


It’s so strange seeing this. It humanizes him is much. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s a total twat, but he seems like a real person in this moment and not a cartoon character

Edit you know, from February 2016 – April 2016 I was kind of on board with trump. I was so sick of the status quo, I was disgusted by the obvious attempts by the dnc to undermine Bernie, and I reveled in trump bullying all those RNC losers because I thought they deserved it. I enjoyed the performance art of trump sticking it to them, and assumed that if he won, he would become more of the man we see in this clip. Human. Relateable, even. Instead he just got even more insane, and the internet trollbot campaign made it clear that there was something very sinister happening behind the scenes. But yeah, this clip reminds me a little bit of that brief 90 days when I thought trump had some appeal, before the wheels came off…

Double edit: I realized what makes this so compelling. It’s the one sincere, GENUINE moment I’ve ever seen from him. Like he’s expressing actual normal emotions like surprise and amusement, instead of just being a posturing bully

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