Pup Vs Dust Devil : gifs

Pup Vs Dust Devil : gifs

In Ireland, or at least in the smaller villages around Bandon Co Cork, dust devils are known as a “Pixie Wind”. If a lone pixie or leprechaun is about there is little risk of mischief but if 3 or more meet they get excited and hold hands and dance in a circle causing a pixie wind.

These winds can change you forever should you leap into one. If for example your true love has left you you may be depressed and sad. after a year or so of depression you might grow sick of it and decide to change your mindset. So you wait by the side of a dusty road for a pixie wind. When you see one you leap into it as many times as you can depending on how big a change you want. Those leaps will change you. The problem is it may not be for the good. You may become an optimist or an alcholoic or develop a tic. It depends on the pixies mood. It was not terribley unusual to see desperate people stood at the side of the road waiting for the wind.

My sisters and I once saw one and ran into the caravan. My sisters got to the door first and shut me out. I was brushed on the ankle before let in. Its been speculated on what changed in me.

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