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Pretty common.

Many people refuse to stop treatments until the very last minute, because death is so scary and stigmatized. They aren’t even ready to talk about it like it’s a real possibility, and so they say “do everything to keep me alive,” and their family tries to uphold that even after they’re unable to speak or move or eat or do anything for themselves.

Then when the family feels they’ve had their time to “mourn,” they stop treatment and seek hospice. Hospice doesn’t even really start services before the patient dies, and the family wonders why.

This is why you should talk about your wishes, now, and get them as medical orders. Most medical orders even let you choose a trial period if you’re unsure–for example, I am in my 20s so mine say I should be allowed up to 3 years of life sustaining treatment if it seems like I can recover, and if no progress is made it should stop and i should be allowed to die. But after talking to my dad, who will be 50 this year, we decided that if he doesn’t show any signs of recovery over 6 months, we should let him go. My grandmother has a 2 week trial period, and shes 75. I made everyone make them after my grandfather died, and we kept in intubated for 2 weeks because none of us ever talked about our death realistically. It’s what made me start working hospice.

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