Russian Sleep Experiment : creepy

Russian Sleep Experiment : creepy

There is a table top game I sometimes play called “Fates worse than death.”

One of the classes are a group of psychics that use a medication that removes the need to sleep for up to 36 hours.

The drug is no longer manufactured however because of the side effect of long term use. If used enough, or if taken in too high of a dose (or if you are just really unlucky) the medication removes your ability to sleep.

Not your need to sleep, jus you’re ability to.

The longer they stay awake the more powerful their psychic abilities become, they can force their hallucinations on others, change their emotions, insert intrusive thoughts… but as they grow stronger they become more and more and more aware of their bodies, unable to shut out anything. Imagine being able to feel the blood moving through your veins, your hair growing, saliva leaking out of your salivary glands, coating your tongue and sliding down your throat and being unable to stop feeling it.

Most of them go increasingly insane as their powers can’t be actively resisted either until they invariably kill themselves to put themselves out of their misery.

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